Construction phases

Site Preparation

The construction site will be cleared, land graded, and soil compacted. It is a critical step and lays the groundwork for a successful and safe building site.


Laying down the slab foundation including waterproofing and pouring the concrete. Care and vigilance is needed to prevent future wear and tear.


Structural framing entails placing the columns and girders, beams, trusses and spandrels, which are essential to the stability of the building as a whole.


The roof, along with any flashing, gullies, tiles, tin and insulation, will be installed. Often, if no issues are encountered, this is the fastest stage.


All internal cladding such as plastering, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tiling and doors are completed. This is when units and offices start to take shape.


Finishing up the build are the exterior finishes, such as perimeter walls, gates, building or unit numbering, road markings, wayfinders and landscaping.

Our credentials – the people behind the block

The Developer

Fusion Land builds new estates in many property sectors, from residential estates right through to a mix of commercial buildings across retail, hospitality, hotels, office towers and light industrial.

With proud northwest Sydney roots, Fusion Land’s founders have built several successful businesses over a 25-year period to serve the local community and enterprise businesses.

The Architect

The multi-award-winning team at BHI Architects has enjoyed 40 years of success designing precincts that prioritise the longevity of a building and sustain performance for life.

The vision for Limestone Industrial Estate is a dynamic and highly engaged suite of industrial units that are visually appealing while maximising each factory or office spaces’ practical use.

The Sales Agents

Joining forces, Opes Real Estate and Cutcliffe Properties encompass two outstanding northwest property sales teams with first-hand knowledge of what our growing community needs.

All local residents, they have played an integral role in the region’s evolution. Both sales teams are available to answer questions from business owners and the property investors.

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Opes Real Estate

Opes is an independently owned, boutique agency launched in 2019. The team are highly regarded in the Hills for stand-out property marketing, attention to detail, and personalised service.

Alexandra Meadth
Alexandra Meadth
Mobile: 0417 687 239

Cutcliffe Properties

The Cutcliffe team have over 40 years’ experience in dealing with acreage, development, and commercial property. They have a reputation for superior specialised knowledge in this field.

Nathan Vincin
Nathan Vincin
Mobile: 0488 285 883
Hany Saleeb
Hany Saleeb
Mobile: 0412 080 864